Umah De Madya

Munduk and Beyond

We are the native people of Munduk village , born and grew in this village.We are so grateful for the beautiful views , the warm people and the nature. Let’s explorers nature and culture around “Munduk and beyond” We will show you our nature and culture.

Loop Munduk Village Picnic Treek
Walk into a number of waterfall in Munduk Village , fell the fresh of splash water from Laangan waterfall , Labuhan Kebo waterfall , Red coral ( tanah barak ) waterfall.Continue crossed to the south of Munduk village visited a source of fresh water in Empelan waterfall.A traditional bamboo box covered with young banana leaf as your luncheon with nature.
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Banyumala Waterfall & Tamblingna Lake Picnic Tour
Experienced of the day to the fresh Banyumala waterfall with natural swimming pool and just over look for Tamblingan lake while enjoyed Balinese bamboo picnic lunch box. Captured the picture the ancient Gubug temple for memorable of the great experiences.