Umah De Madya


Welcome To Munduk

Umah de Madya and Rooftop de Madya is located in the heart of Munduk village in the north of Bali. The Madya word derived from Sanskrit language , which mean “the middle”. Fresh mountain air and the real atmosphere of north Balinese village is our real unique compound.
Rooftop de Madya as our panoramic and cuisine area delivered mesmerizing a wide view of Sanghyang mountain , Lesung mountain and Batukaru mountian. With wide green valley of terraced rice paddies , coffee plantation , tropical fruits , and plantation of cloves.
Umah de Madya delivered personalized genuine friendly service by each amicable family member staff. Which is proven to be a paramount asset in sustaining client patronage.
The sunrise and superb cloud forest as our warm welcome and offer a refreshing vision of beauty which will remedy the eyes , heart , soul and mind to be a unique compound and will be become differentiation with other.
May happiness just around you ,after you and stay with us. You will be come the new of you.
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